Ted S. Mitchell Author

Who Is Ted S. Mitchell?

“Born on April 3, 1996, I am a native of Toronto, Canada. Since my school years, I was fond of video games, literature, and everything related to creative writing. When I had to choose what to do in my life, I understood that creative writing was precisely I had a knack for. I even had the experience of writing short stories when I was a teenager.
Without any doubt, I decided to apply to the York University of Toronto, and I had a really great time there during my studies. After graduation, I couldn’t even imagine that one day I would be involved in online casino tests and writing online casino Сanada reviews. Nevertheless, man proposes, but God disposes. Now, I am delighted to engage with the gambling industry and help the Great Casino Canada users to find a game worth their attention.”

How to Become a Casino Slot Reviewer and Tester?

“I have always been a very ambitious person. And I was really lucky to start my career at one of the leading publishing houses in Toronto. This establishment provides local news. There, I acquired a great experience as a news writer and managed to take my writing skills to a new level with them. Later, I decided to jump ship. Since my student days, I have been interested in casino games. So, when I have suggested a position of slots classic test performer, I had no doubts. “Why not?” – it was the first thought which appeared in my mind. I quickly accepted the offer because casino games were always one of my most significant interests. I know how to write the best online slots review and how to highlight the essential features of each game to allow players to understand whether it comes up to their expectations. I think that a professional casino slot reviewer and tester should be a big fan of gambling. When your job is your passion, all are aligned for you.”

Scope of Responsibilities in Our Team

“My job is a dream of every person who is fond of gambling online. I play the best casino games on a daily basis and get money for it! I think that my mission is to provide the Great Casino Canada clients with all relevant information about video slots, which will allow them to choose the most appropriate title according to their liking.
Being a part of the Great Casino Canada team, I am charged with reviewing and testing casino games online free, in particular slots. While making a slot review, I check out and describe in detail such characteristics as graphics, symbols, and payouts, betting options, specific features, bonus rounds, return to player. After making my investigations, I am responsible for compiling ratings of casino games classified by their types.
I am also involved in the Great Casino Canada website editing. For promoting our platform services among Canadians, one of my duties is to compile information for social networks.”

Focus of Interest

“As I work in the field of online gambling Сanada, my passion is a casino and all things related to online games. Without false modesty, I am a slot expert and can share with you lots of useful tricks that will lead you to huge winnings. For example, I always follow the principle of starting the game with small bets and then progressively increasing them in case of winnings. If I lose, I choose another game. And I recommend you to pay attention to new video slots. They do not have a rating and popularity yet, but they can offer you really fantastic winnings. Avail of this secret, and you will like the efficiency of this trick!
Apart from gambling games, I also like different activities related to risk and speed. Thus, in my free time, I prefer mud jeep riding and underwater hunting, which allow me to feel the real flavor of life. With my friends, I prefer playing darts and other games. For relaxing, I used to do yoga from time to time. All these things make me happy.”

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