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Quebec is known for having a rich history, but that is barely the tip of what Quebec has to offer you. In addition to the gorgeous scenery that ensures the tourists never stop piling in, there is much fun to be had in a Quebec casino.

That’s right; gamblers in Quebec have the opportunity to fulfill their gambling needs both offline and online, and visitors can also check out these casinos for a full tourist experience in Quebec. 

Although there are just four proper casinos to be found in Quebec, the online platform is teeming with online casinos that players can enjoy their favorite games with many features and bonuses put together to provide an incredible user experience in online casinos Quebec.

Even the land-based casinos have put together an online platform for the convenience of their players.

We found the online casino experience in Quebec quite satisfactory, and we would be sharing every part, including the laws guiding gambling in Quebec as well as the best online casinos to enjoy your favorite casino games in Quebec.

History of Casino Development in Quebec

There has always been a need for gambling from way back in 1880, but the first law legalizing gambling was only passed in 1892. This law didn’t encompass every section and only covered lotteries, wheel of fortune, and horse racing. However, as the world continued to develop, the Quebec government began to see a need to legalize casinos in order to keep up with the world trend.

In 1985 when the State gambling authority was transferred to the provincial government, many games including raffles and bingo were allowed. However, the opening of the Montreal casino in 1993 was the official legalization of a casino in Quebec. Many more casinos began to pop up, and soon there was an influx of online casinos in Quebec; casino game lovers could now enjoy their favorite games in online casinos Quebeclike poker and progressive jackpots.

Best Online Casinos in Quebec

There are numerous online casinos that can be found in Quebec, and these online casinos come packed with many amazing bonuses and game selections that make them popular among Quebec residents. Below are some of the best online casino Quebec you can find:

Best casinos in Quebec

Jackpot City Casino – This is referred to as the best online casino you can find in Quebec and is a favorite among residents. This is because of the vast array of casino games made available on the platform, including live dealer games for a real and intense casino experience. There are also many promotional offers and enticing welcome bonuses for players who register on the platform; the convenience of playing in this casino across various devices because of Jackpot city casino mobile version is another reason why it is rated high.

Royal Vegas Casino – Another top choice amongst Quebec residents is Royal Vegas Casinowhich is known for its fantastic selection of casino games across different sections like blackjack, slot, table games, and many others. There is also an enticing welcome bonus for new players and a loyalty program for existing players on the platform. The variety of payment options and features is a reason why many choose this site.

Captain Cook Casino – Online casinos are usually the best place to have a lot of fun, and that is what Captain cook offers you. Players can enjoy free games on this platform as well as play one of the hundreds of games on the platform for real money. There are also attractive welcome bonuses and promotional offers available for British Columbia players on the platform.

Zodiac Casino – Zodiac casino Quebec is a favorite because of its promotional offers and welcome bonuses. Players also have varieties to pick from, as there are over 550 games on this platform across different sections. You’re assured of a safe playing platform because this site is fully regulated and can be played on from different mobile devices.

The Most Popular Casino Games in Quebec

There are some casino gaming sections that are a favorite amongst Quebec residents. These gaming sections stand out amongst the many others, and the land-based casinos and online casinos offer different games in these gaming sections listed below:

  • Slot – Gamblers in Quebec love to put their money into the different available slot games; new online slot games are continually popping up to cater to players’ tastes. Quebec players enjoy progressive slot games like Mega Moolah; many players have worn millions playing the jackpot game. There are also video and classic slot games available on land-based and online casinos for slot lovers.

  • Poker – Poker is another popular casino game in the Quebec region; every casino Quebechas to offer offers a series of video poker games for players to enjoy. Land-based casinos like Casino de Charlevoix offer its players a series of video poker machines they can enjoy their favorite games comfortably.

There are also available popular table games like Blackjack and roulettes that are also enjoyed by Quebec casino lovers on online platforms and Land-based casinos. However, slots and poker games are the favorite and most popular to be found in Quebec City.

Advantages of Online Casinos over Offline Casinos in Quebec

Quebecers love to enjoy their casino games in online casinos instead of visiting a land-based casino for many known reasons; one of them is privacy. There is no privacy to be enjoyed in offline casinos as anyone can see you; this is not the case when playing with an online casino that promises you the safety of your personal information as well as info on your finances.

Online casinos are also quite convenient, and players can easily find a live dealer casino online if they want to experience the adrenaline and excitement that comes with an offline casino. Although offline casinos offer high limits, online casinos also offer this in addition to low betting limits to fit different budgets. The number of bonuses to be found in online casinos cannot be compared with offline casinos, and in live dealer games, players can interact with the live dealer and other players like they would in an offline casino.

Top Land-Based Casino in Quebec

Quebec has four proper casinos to offer Quebecers, and best amongst them is the Casino de Charlevoix; this casino is located in a beautiful location because it is right next to the Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu hotel. Therefore, visitors to the hotel can simply pop in and have fun at over 20 table games and hundreds of slot machines made available.

There is also the availability of poker at this casino for players looking to test their nerves. There has been an addition of dice games like craps and Sic Bo for players to enjoy. A top feature players can enjoy at this casino, which makes it one of the best casinos in Quebec, is a multi-game zone to be enjoyed with friends, and there is a screen provided to track winnings between you and your friends.

While visiting the casino, you can enjoy the amazing view of the Saint Lawrence River provided, as well as the health club and relaxing spa. The facilities provided at this casino are high class, and the gaming options are vast to ensure visitors enjoy their time playing in the best casino in Quebec City.

Quebec Gambling Laws

Games played in Quebec’s casinosare legal because casinos are commissioned by the Quebec Alcohol, Racing, and Gaming Commission. 2010 saw the authorization of online gambling for Quebec residents, and this was when there was an influx of Canadian online casinos in the region. However, players have nothing to fear as all laws concerning casinos are usually directed at the casinos themselves and not the players involved. 

Therefore, it is absolutely legal to play in online casinos as well as land-based casinos in the region. There are however no specific laws preventing the many online casinos who have made their way into Quebec from the operation, but no laws have been made against them either, so they operate freely, and there are no laws preventing their practices in the region.

How to Start Playing for Real Money in Quebec

There is no choice but to play for real money in an offline casino, but it is a different case online as there are many free games players can participate in.

However, those are just for fun, and the rewards only begin when you play for real money. Provide below is a helpful guide on how to play for real money in a Quebec online casino:

  • Pick a Site – First, you have to think about your options and pick a platform that offers you the type of games you prefer and is also fully licensed and regulated. It is also important to check out the welcome bonus and payment option a platform offers to ensure it is convenient for you.

  • Open an Account and Make a Deposit – Once you have picked the right platform to engage your gaming needs, you need to open an account with this online casino. This can be taken care of by clicking on the ‘register’ tab made available on the homepage; register by providing the necessary information required and then make a deposit on the platform.

  • Pick a Game – the next thing to do to play in a casino online for real money is to pick the game you would like to wager on. Ensure it is a game you’re very familiar with so you don’t lose anymore as soon as you start. You can pick your favorite game and then place a wager on it. 

  • Use Your Bonuses – The best way to advance your winnings when playing in a casino online for real money is by stacking up on the bonuses and making good use of them. Bonuses can increase your winnings from a game exponentially when used appropriately.

Quebec Casino FAQ

There are many common questions among Quebecers and visitors in Quebec who love to play casino games, and below are the answers to some of these questions.

Is it legal to play in a Quebec Casino? Yes, there are no laws preventing Quebecers from playing in an online or land-based Quebec casino once you’re the gambling age of eighteen or older.

What are the taxes on winnings at online casinos in Quebec? Players do not have to pay any taxes on winnings made from playing on online casinos except you’re a professional gambler who plays as a source of income.

Is it considered safe to play for real money casino? Yes, it is absolutely safe to play for real money. Players only need to ensure the site is safe and adequately regulated before putting their money in.