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New Brunswick is one of the first Canadian provinces Europeans visited and is the only officially bilingual province you can find in the country as they speak both French and English. This Eastern province has a lesser population due to its harsh climate conditions, but that doesn’t stop the residents of this province from entertaining themselves with casino games, and the casino experience to be had in this region is remarkable.

Despite being densely populated, there are many land-based New Brunswick casinos that players can easily visit and entertain themselves with the wide selection of games as well as online casino New Brunswick offers to players. These casinos offer both residents and visitors in the region many gambling opportunities they can fully utilize. In this article, we’ll be reviewing every part of the casino experience in New Brunswick, including the top online and offline casinos NB has to offer and also tips to help you play for real cash in an online casino.

History of Casino Development in New Brunswick

New Brunswick has a rich history in relation to casino development, and it all began with the first set of traditional folks who settled in the region. Although there have been major changes and evolution over the years, New Brunswick residents have kept up their gambling spirit. It all began with horse racing in the 1800s, and then lottery games were launched in the year 1976.

As the year changed, so did the amendment of New Brunswick laws, and soon charitable games were licensed in Brunswick, and with it came the launch of New Brunswick casino games. Hold’em poker tournaments started being held in New Brunswick in 2008 for charitable purposes. Since there are no particular laws preventing online casinos from operating, there has been an influx of online casino operations in the region. The casino sector in New Brunswick continues to grow, and many more online casinos in New Brunswick continue to accept New Brunswick residents into their platform.

Best Online Casinos in New Brunswick for 2021

Online casinos are on the increase in the New Brunswick region, and below are some of the best online casinos to enjoy your favorite casino games.

Best casinos in New Brunswick
  • Jackpot City Canada Casino – This is the best online casino Canada has according to ratings; New Brunswick players love this online casino because of the increasing selection of games made available on the platform to cover the different tastes of players. Their games come from top gaming software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and many others. There are also many welcome bonuses and promotional offers to be enjoyed in this casino.
  • Spin Palace Casino – Spin Palace is quite popular in New Brunswick, and this is partly because of the hundreds of titles available on the platform. Their game lobby is impressive, and so are the promotional offers, loyalty rewards, and welcome bonuses. Players also get to enjoy live dealer games on the platform across their favorite table games like roulette, poker, blackjack, and many more. If you’re looking for play in Spin Palace Casino for real money, you simply have to register on the platform.
  • Zodiac Casino Review – Almost every type of casino game can be found on Zodiac casino; this includes poker, scratch cards, table games, classic and progressive slot games, and many more. The games on Zodiac casinos are of the best quality, and there are also live games to be enjoyed on the platform by players from the comfort of their home. There are also diverse payment options that players can take advantage of and a mobile version players can enjoy on their different devices.

The Most Popular Casino Games in New Brunswick

New Brunswick residents enjoy a variety of casino games, but there are some personal favorites that are popular in the region, and they include slot games and poker games

Slot Games

New Brunswick players love to play different slot games, especially video slots on the platform; land-based and online casinos always have a variety of online gaming slots in their game lobby. There are also progressive jackpot games available on Jackpot city casino players from New Brunswick can play. Classic slot games like Amazon Queen, Raging Rhino, Wizard of Oz are usually available on online and offline gaming platforms.


Poker games are also quite popular among New Brunswick casino players; it is one of the live casino games online that gamers can stream and take part in right from the comfort of their home. Poker games like Sic Bo, Jacks or Higher, and many more can be played in a land-based casino in New Brunswick or onlineor enjoyed live on the different online platforms.

Also popular are blackjack games and roulettes, which are usually available in different versions like European, American, or even classic on online casinos and can be streamed live for the thrill of the game.

Advantages of Online Casino over Offline Casinos in New Brunswick

Online and offline casinos offer different features to enhance your gaming experience, but players often wonder which type of NB casinois best amongst the two. Offline casinos allow players to experience the thrill of the game in person; you get to interact with other players physically and even get to feel the game. Although online casinos cannot offer you the thrill of playing the game physically, you can enjoy your games from the leisurely comfort of your home. 

Players can also easily find a live NB online casino where they can play live dealer games like blackjack, roulettes, and the likes. Online casinos usually offer players a mobile version they can access on their mobile devices. You’re highly unlikely to enjoy welcome bonuses on an offline casino, but this is usually offered to new players on online casinos. The game selection on both casinos is vast, but online casinos usually have more games available for players to choose from.

Top Land-Based Casino in New Brunswick

There are over six offline casinos in New Brunswick at the moment where players can conveniently enjoy casino games. Still, Grey Rock Casino is reputed to be the top land-based casino in New Brunswick. 

There are many slot games to be enjoyed, including progressive jackpots, where players can win up to a million Canadian dollars. They are one of the relatively few casinos that offer promotions and loyalty rewards to players in the country; there are a variety of bingo games, slot games, bingo, and much more available on Grey rock and is a prominent casino that resident players and visitors love to visit.

This casino is located in Edmundston and offers the best facilities for casino games players who visit. For lovers of poker, there are live tables from Thursday to Saturday. There are electronic table games and hundreds of slot machines in this establishment. A sight to see in this casino is the Bingo hall that can accommodate more than 400 players at once and the availability of electronic bingo devices that are easy to hold and allows players to play with over thirty cards.

New Brunswick Gambling Laws

Just like many other provinces in Canada, it is legal to gamble in Canada, and this is backed up by law. The first license to a casino NBwas given in 2008, but the first casino was not opened until the year 2010. Every casino operation carried out in the region is completely regulated under the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, and this Corporation also commissions casinos in Labrador, Nova Scotia, and many other locations.

There are over 2500 online casinos that accept players from New Brunswick; players can easily enjoy their favorite games in a casino online in Canada. There are no set laws legalizing the operation of online casinos in Brunswick, but there are also no laws against its operations. Therefore, online casinos continue to enjoy that grey area in their operations.

How to Start Playing for Real Money from New Brunswick

Many online casinos offer players the opportunity to play for free on their platform. However, the winnings of such games cannot be cashed out, and players have to put in real money before they can start cashing out their winnings. Below are some tips on how to play in a Canadian online casino for real money:

  • Create an Account: To start playing and winning some real money, you need to first pick out a casino from among the horde and register on their platform. Ensure the casinos chosen are commissioned and adequately licensed; you can also check out the reviews on the casino to have a general idea of what to expect before you register as a member.
  • Place a Deposit and Pick a Game: After you register on the platform, you will need to make a deposit with which you can play for real money. Since there are different limits available on online casinos, you can start small and then increase your deposits with time. After making a deposit choose the game you prefer and place a wager on it with a deposit made.
  • Create a Working Strategy: The thrilling part about online games is that no one can see you; you can simply map out a strategy on a piece of paper or in your mind that could increase your winning chances. Whatever the strategy is, make sure it is something that would work for you.
  • Utilize Bonuses: Bonuses can go a long way in increasing your winning chances; check out the different bonuses and promotional offers available and try claiming those that have requirements you find fitting. Adding bonuses to your wager can increase your winnings if you are successful.

New Brunswick Casino FAQ

Players can easily get confused about the different factors that contribute to the experience in casino New Brunswick. Below are answers to common questions players ask.

  • Is it legal to play in a casino New Brunswick? It is legal to play as the ALC commissions all casino activities. However, players need to be up to the legal gambling age before they can indulge in casino games.
  • What are the taxes on winnings at online casinos in New Brunswick? There are no taxes charged on winnings made by players at an online casino. However, you just might be required to pay tax if you play casino games as a source of income.
  • Is it harmless to play for real money casino? Yes, there are no dangers playing for real money in a casino that is licensed and completely regulated by the appropriate authorities.