Problem Gambling

The primary principles of responsible online slot gaming like live video slots can visibly be applied to many areas of gambling, especially online casinos. We, at, aim to protect new and vulnerable online gamblers and make sure that the casinos act fairly and duly towards their clientele. The explosion of online casinos today has made it clear that it is very important to keep adults protected when they are gambling online. This is because it is very hard to determine whether an online casino is legitimate or not, unlike its land-based cousins.

But, will offer you more than just a service. In today’s time, people must be aware of the cause and pitfalls of gaming problem and learn how to avoid being affected negatively all year long. Below, we have come across some ways by which you can protect yourself or someone you love, all while going through how to play within your means and responsibly.

Online casino reliability and safety

How do you know whether an online casino is legit or not?

There are literally millions of people in the world today that wonder about their information and money when they are playing casino games online in theory. And they are right in doing so – as you go further down this article, you will be surprised to know that there are many unscrupulous operators around. Perhaps the best and the most efficient way to know whether an online casino is legit or not is by going through casino reviews. You can also get in touch with us if you have further questions.

Who monitors the overall activities in online casinos?

There are many different jurisdictions that have many high-grade regulatory bodies that oversee the center operations of online casinos and, thereby, provide customers the assurances they are looking for and solving their problems. Perhaps, the most well-known regulator is eCOGRA, or also known as E-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance.

eCOGRA is based in Europe and provides regulations and standards by which member casinos must follow and abide. Regular normal audits of the member casino’s practices and software are conducted to ensure each and every rules and regulation are being followed duly.

The different things that eCOGRA are in charge of includes:

  • Ethical marketing on the part of the casino in delivering what they promise
  • The security of the information like records and identification of the players
  • The ability of the players to access their winnings or money via withdrawals
  • Fairness of the software when it comes to payout percentage and RNG (Random Number Generators)

Most of the best online casinos in the world have a certification from eCOGRA. If you ever feel a hint of doubt, you can simply click on the homepage of the online casino to check whether they have an eCOGRA logo or not. Next, make sure that when you click on the logo, you are directed to the certification page of that online casino on the eCOGRA Website.

Who are the other online casino regulators?

While eCOGRA is probably the best online casino regulator, you will find a lot more like Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (IMGSC), the Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA), and the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA).

But, there are a lot of regulatory bodies that do nothing more than facades. They do not participate in enforcement or auditing – they just look good on the online casino’s homepage. Hence, it is very important that you do your research work about the regulatory authorities and bodies of online casinos before you make your deposit.

What is a rogue online casino?

While most respected online casinos operate fairly, you will find some that some casinos have had serious complaints against them and have failed to meet up with these complaints adequately. This type of conduct leads to a casino being listed as a rogue casino. This casino was engaging in activities like wrong math and calculations, misleading advertisement, closing player’s accounts randomly, withholding player funds, etc.

In order for an online casino to be labeled rogue, the casino has to have more than a single serious complaint. In addition, if the casino has failed to address this complaint, they will be labeled as a rogue casino for sure.

How to avoid a rogue casino?

Rogue casinos can be avoided very easily by making sure the online casino has been certificated by a reputable gaming authority. Above, we have seen some of the best gaming authorities in the world. Apart from these, there are also several jurisdictions that grant online casino licenses. These jurisdictions have their own internal regulators, according to the word.

By making sure that you only play at an online casino that has a certification and license from a legitimate jurisdiction, you can save yourself from the risk of getting misled by dishonest marketing. The maths of getting duped by a licensed online casino is much lesser than a rogue one.

Therefore, it is very important that you do your research on your chosen online casino’s regulators and jurisdiction to avoid risking all your money at a rogue online casino.

Problem gaming – what to do?

You will find a lot of gamblers from Canada who are suffering from problem gaming. Problem gambling is an addiction to gambling that can take a toll of someone’s mental health and overall lifestyle. This addiction might keep on building into violent streaks and is a sign for help. Online gambling makes this war a bit more pressing, as most people would choose to let this remain behind closed doors, thereby keeping the affected person away from solutions and help.

There is one more unknown group that is slowly getting addicted to online gambling, the ks1 group. Yes, children today are much smarter than before and have the basic computer skills that can hide their age on Facebook. These children come between 1st and 4th graders and can easily root a computer file.

Fortunately, there are many such interactive organizations in Canada that can effectively help those who are suffering from the gambling problem addiction. Most of them have a 24-hour free helpline that will allow you to contact them at any point in time when you need help. It is recommended that you choose the organization that is closer to your home.

Most online casinos take this issue of online gambling addiction very seriously and will continue to monitor gaming problem very seriously. They will also offer you a wide range of solutions that will be only for a fixed period of time or permanent.


From the above, we can see that responsible gaming is not the responsibility of only the player or the provider, but everyone who to behave responsibly and exercise care. These casinos have a huge range of responsibility windows to behave fairly in respecting privacy and handling funds; while the players must make sure they abide by the laws and engage in proper bankroll management.

If you feel like you are engaging yourself into too much gambling games or feel like the online casino is cheating you, make sure you reach out to for proper and legal help. The team here will provide you with a lot of logic and solutions that will show you why you are so addicted to gambling and help you get rid of this violent behavior. All you need to do is login and start your search and capture the answers by yourself. You can also use camera like Elgato to keep a watch on yourself and not give into temptation.