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Who Is Melvin L. Johnson?

Melvin L. Johnson

“I was born on June 10, 1992, in Montreal, Canada, where I finished school and spent my happiest days. 

As a child, I was a real adventurer and a live wire. To tell the truth, sometimes, I created some problems for my parents because of that. No wonder that afterward, when I grew up, I chose casino games online as my job. It is a field in which all risk-takers can give vent to their feelings. Go big or go home! – what can be more exciting and unpredictable than that?

I have always been curious about psychology. So, when it was time to make a choice of my future profession, I had no 

doubts: a psychology faculty at McGill University in Montreal was precisely what I needed. My knowledge allows me to understand my targeted audience quickly and provide them with the information they require for choosing the most appropriate game or a reliable Canadian online casino. As a gambling fan and an active player for real money, I have lots of practical gambling tips and tricks to share with players.”

How to Become an Expert Gambling Writer?

“I’ve never thought before that creating copies about online gambling Canada could be my job. I started working as a lotto analyst in one of the Canadian companies just after my graduation. It allowed me to get to know more about casino games which I really adored. Working with lotteries, I had the possibility to hear from the horse’s mouth how a virtual gambling house operated. I often play blackjack and roulette, and I found really exciting to test new gambling strategies. I have a lot to share with players, so when a position of a content writer casino was suggested to me, I was glad to accept it. Here, I can combine things I am fond of with the possibility to share my knowledge with interested clients on the Great Casino Canada website. I think that for becoming a gambling expert, you should be fond of casino games. When you like writing, and you like what you do, it’s already half the battle.”

Scope of Responsibilities in Our Team

“I have been working for the Great Casino Canada project for five years. Here, I am charged with a massive scope of obligations. I analyze the players’ feedback concerning various virtual casinos, do investigations in order to drag to light their benefits and disadvantages. My mission is to help other players to find a safe online casino real money allowing to have fun time and get the most of the profits. I am involved in compiling objective and unbiased casino reviews based on my investigations, my gambling experience and testimonials of other players. Among my responsibilities, there is also making an assessment of various virtual platforms for providing the list of reliable and secure websites with games available for Canadian users. While writing a casino overview, I have to analyze such aspects as a casino safety, software, selection of games, bonuses, and promotions, withdrawal and deposit options, possibility to play from mobile, etc.”

Focus of Interest

“I work in the gambling industry, and I am happy that my profession is my biggest hobby. After testing hundreds of casino games, I can expertly guide you in this area and advise which blackjack strategy is the most effective and what type of online casino roulette you should choose to increase your chances to scoop a significant profit. I consider blackjack as the most suitable game for beginners. With its straightforward rules, even newbies can play it with no trouble and win. But as for me, I am a big fan of games that require putting my thinking cap on. And roulette is one of such games. Playing it, I adore the possibility to think a few steps ahead, and I always feel enthusiastic when my gambling skills let me bask in success.
I also like playing billiards with my friends to relax. My other significant preference is everything related to motor vehicles and automobiles. I am death on high speed because it allows me to feel the real taste for life. If I am exhausted, I usually indulge in fishing. It is a perfect way to restore my strength and recover balance.”

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