Gambling in Canada had come a long way from when people had to visit a brick and mortar casino to be able to enjoy their favorite games. The gambling industry is continually evolving and one of the game changers to arrive at the doorsteps of online casinos is the availability of live casino games on online casinos. Once you find a safe online casino in Canada, it is best to check out their available feature, and you will find that many of them offer live Canadian casino.

Online casinos bridged the gap between an offline casino and an online one; players get to feel the excitement of live games right from the comfort of their homes. Live online casinos are the closest substitute online casino players get to the adrenaline rush they would otherwise get at an offline casino. Real people are used as dealers in a live game and not animation as you find in other games. There are also real cards being used for blackjack games and real roulette wheels when a live roulette game is being played.

An amazing feature that comes with online live Canadian casinos is the availability of a live chat; players can chat directly with themselves or the dealer in the game. There are also several other qualities and advantages attached to playing a live casino game online than visiting a brick and mortar casino, including the incomparable convenience of being able to enjoy these games without leaving the sweet comfort of your home. Keep reading to find out everything about live online casino Canada in 2021.

List of Online Live Casinos in Canada

Canada is home to many online casinos, and the list of live online casinos in Canada is never-ending. Still, we’ve compiled five of the best online casinos that offer the best live dealer games as well as amazing live game bonuses that players can benefit from. These casinos are simply the best in terms of live game features, welcome bonuses, and promotional offers.

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What is Live Casino and How Do They Work?

Live casino is a bit different from the standard casinos we are used to with all the animations; a live dealer casino offers more thorough graphics because it is being projected live. A real dealer is involved, and there is a lot of audio and video being communicated to different players at the same time with the use of a webcam. Unlike other casino games that players participate in on their own, a live dealer game usually involves more than one person.

In an online live casino, the dealer is in charge of how fast the game goes and not the players, as is normal with other online casino games. However, live casinos are the closest you can come to playing a live game and getting the feeling of being in a land casino from the comfort of your home. Games that are made available in a live casino are roulette, live blackjack, real dealer poker, and several others; all live casino games are streamed live with the use of HD technology.

The difference between an online live casino and a land-based one is the protection of identity and comfort; the games are live, but no one has to know who you are, and you don’t have to step out of the comfort of your home. There are plenty of misconceptions about live casinos, but there are licensing services in charge of these casinos; therefore, there is no form of fraud allowed on these platforms for the safety of players who are placing stakes on the games.

Pros and Cons of Online Games in a Live Dealer Casino

Online dealer games have many advantages in their corner, like the convenience that comes with it as well as the exciting atmosphere that comes with the live gambling process. Players are easily overwhelmed by the atmosphere when they are first introduced into the lobby of the game to play games in the casino live because of how real it looks and feels too. They are almost the same as being in an actual casino, except that there are more bonuses available in an online casino in Canada than players would get in a brick and mortar casino. These bonuses come in handy when you’re in the middle of the game, as it can boost your game. However, there are also some downsides to live dealer casinos, and they are provided below:

Pros of Live Casino

  • Players can chat with the dealer and other players in the game
  • It is relayed live and not pre-recorded
  • It offers more excitement that standard online games
  • Players are assured of the reality of the games

Cons of Live Casino

  • The pace of the game depends on the dealer and not the players
  • The selection of live online games is limited when compared with the standard online games.

Live Dealer Casino Bonuses: How to Use

A remarkable part about playing in an online casino is the availability of a live dealer casino bonus in each live casino. These varying bonuses, which players can use in increasing their chances in a game. Live online casinos are fairly new in the casino industry; therefore, players can enjoy the different huge bonuses and promotions that are provided to promote the live online games.

An online casino bonus can be used to boost your game in a very nice way and also increase your winning rate exponentially than it would have been in a brick and mortar casino. These bonuses are usually received from deposits made, loyalty rewards, and there are also double booster bonuses being offered in live online casinos. Other forms of live dealer casino bonuses include the welcome bonus, no-deposit bonus, cashback, referral rewards as well as reload bonuses. After a while, these bonuses will begin to pile up and as it increases, so does your money and your chances of winning a live dealer game in these casinos.

Live Dealer Casino Games: How They Work

The nearest thing you would get to a real casino is a live dealer casino game; the different technological advancements give people access to stream the games right from the studio it is taking place. There are huge casino game players can enjoy even though the list is not as extensive as standard casino games. Common games available are roulette, deal or no deal, blackjack, and several others.

Live casino games usually involve many players, unlike other games in an online casino. The live dealers are professionals, and they talk to every member of the game all at once. The game doesn’t go as fast as other games because the pace depends on the dealer; it is not as fast as other casino games are apt to be. Players have to sit through every shuffling of cards, dealings, wheel spinning, and other actions of the game as they cannot speed it up like other games.

Thanks to HD streaming, players can place bets as they would in normal land-based casinos; they also get to see the layout of the tables on the live games. Players can chat directly with the dealer and also with other players who are a part of the game. Live dealer games are so peculiar because they’re live and players get to enjoy the adrenaline rush they feel when they work into a brick and mortar casino.

The Most Popular Types of Live Casino Games

There are various live games that players can enjoy on live online casinos; the popular types are Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, and Live Casino Texas Hold Em. There are different variations of roulette games and blackjack being played live in online casino games; other popular live casino online games include:

Live Three Card poker: these games are played with just three cards and make it easy for players to beat the dealer because dealers need a Queen high to be able to participate.

Dream Catcher: This game goes down in history as the first game show Evolution created. There is a money wheel that players bet on, and the rules are pretty simple. Players only need to bet on where they think the wheel will stop after spinning.

Live Super Sic Bo: This game is like the typical Super Sic Bo that requires players to wager on the resulting combination placed on the table. When three dice are rolled, the winner is picked based on outcomes.

Craps: Evolution once again takes the crown as the first to create live crap; the rules are the same as the standard game.

Monopoly Live: This is a unique version of dream catcher; there are however added features like rolls, chance, sports bet, and several others.

Other popular live casino games include live lightning dice, Live deals or no deal, Dragon Tiger, Age of the Gods, and live side bet city.

Live Casino Baccarat

Live Baccarat is one of the most exciting games players can enjoy live on online casinos in Canada; players will notice a clear difference between the live baccarat and the standard Baccarat game, and 888 casino offers an awesome live Baccarat game. Players get the opportunity to see what other players in live casino Baccarat games are doing, but nevertheless, players shouldn’t be influenced by the next players’ strategy.

Live Online Roulette

Playing roulette on live online casinos is just as amazing as those played on land; there are better betting varieties and a variety of roulette games to pick from. This is one of the edges live casino roulette games has over land-based casinos. Players can also communicate with other players so that you won’t be missing out on any of the adrenaline rushes. There are different variations of roulette from different software providers on William Hill Casino that players can employ their unique roulette strategies on.

Live Blackjack Online

If you want to enjoy high-quality Blackjack, you should try out the live blackjack at Bodog casino. Players can enjoy the excitement of live blackjack in Canada without ever having to step into an offline casino. The rules of blackjack remain the same on live blackjack, so does the limit and structure of the game. Players only need to apply their previous knowledge to the live setting and also communicate with dealers during the game to get all the information they need.

Live Poker Online

There are live poker in Canada online casinos; many online platforms offer different variations of live poker on their platforms. Party Casino is one of the live online casinos that offer poker games for card game lovers who would like another variety to blackjack games. Many operators have provided variations of poker like three card poker, Caribbean Stud, and many others for players to enjoy.

Live Casino Texas Hold Em

This is a popular form of poker available in live casinos online; these casinos allow you to watch as the cards are dealt directly in front of the camera. An online live casino where you can enjoy Live Casino Texas Hold Em is the Jackpot City. This variation in poker requires strategy, and players should therefore read up on the basics of the game before venturing into the live casino game to avoid the losses from piling up.

How to Start Playing at a Canadian Live Casino Game

If you’ve ever been to a real casino, then you know the process for registration there. There is no difference in the process; you still get to encounter a live dealer in online casinos. The only distinction can be found in the fact that you can play your favorite live casino games from home in an online live casino, but you can’t with a real casino.

1) Pick the Right Casino

To get started, you need to choose the right casino that you would like to play live games with. Find out the necessary information about this casino like bonuses, banking methods, registration process, regulation, and if it offers your best games. If you’re into slots, confirm your chosen casino is a live slots casino before venturing in.

2) Create an Account

Now that you’ve chosen the casino you prefer and if it has your best games because most Canadians love slot games. If your preferred casino is one of the best Canadian online slots and casinos, then you can register on the homepage by tapping on the register tab and providing the required information.

3) Make a Deposit

The next step to take is to place a deposit on the platform; there are different deposit methods available on live online casinos. Pick out the method that best suits you and make a deposit into your account; ensure your chosen method also allows you to make withdrawals.

4) Choose Your Preferred Game

Once you enter into the games lobby, you can find different game sections, including live online games. Enter this section and choose amongst the available games which you would prefer. Take note of the timing because the games are live and ensure it is comfortable for you, then you can start playing.

Best Live Dealer Online Casino in Canada

Canada is home to many online casinos where players can enjoy their favourite live games at all times; there is a long list of exciting and amazing places you can enjoy your games. Players are always on the lookout for the best live casinos to try out their gambling luck, and the online gaming industry never disappoints with new and promising casinos propping up every day. However, it is quite crucial to be able to make distinctions between the regular live casinos available and those who offer you the best features to guarantee you a fantastic gaming experience.

We’ve compiled some of the best online casinos for Canadian players that could be found in Canada. These casinos will offer you a wide variety of live casino games and their different variations, welcome bonuses, promotional offers, and several other features that will ensure you have the best time on their platform. Let’s take a look.

Party Live Casino

You will find something to love at Party Casino Live; the variety of games available on this platform is why the party never ends. The live games lobby available on Party casino is extensive with several games from Evolution Gaming as well as Playtech. Players can find different variations of poker, blackjack, roulette, and several other games to give players an immersive experience on the platform.

Jackpot City Live Casino 

An elite online casino to check out is the live Jackpot city casino; this platform has years of experience backing it up and provides players with many promotional offers and features to make for a memorable playing experience. There are many live dealer games from Microgaming on the platform, including dreamcatcher, Live Caribbean stud poker, Live roulette, private and live blackjack, amongst others.

William Hill Live Casino

There are a handful of people out there who haven’t heard of William Hill live casino in Canada; there are several live games to be found in this old establishment. The live video stream is excellent, and their list of live casino games includes roulette, blackjack, and Baccarat. There are over twenty tables going on every day, and players get to spend very little on wagers.

888 Live Casino

One of the best live casinos in Canada is the 888 live casino; this casino has ample experience with live dealer games and is reputed for setting a high bar for online live gaming. There are six categories of games made available on the platform, such as dream catcher, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, and an elite lounge. The budget limits are different, and players also get to play live Dragon Tiger and 888 hotseat on the platform.

Bodog Live Casino

The lineup of online live casino games available on Bodog live casino is impressive. There are free casino games on the platform and several games. Players can choose from the different live dealers available in the casino. Some live games include Super 6, live baccarat, American and European roulettes; players also get to enjoy a solid gaming experience on Bodog live casino.

Live Casino on Mobile

Gambling via mobile devices is a growing trend in the casino industry; players all around the world are seeking even more convenient methods to enjoy their favorite games. Live online casinos are also providing apps for their members. William Hill casino has a real money casino app that players can access to play any of the live casino games they choose. 

Most of these online casinos provide the link to download their app right on their homepage. Playing live casino games through your mobile phone is totally legal in Canada, and all the features available on the desktop version are also made available on the app or mobile casino version. Some mentioned live online casinos do not require the user to download software on their app; they can simply access the casino through their mobile device browser to be able to enjoy their favorite live games with no stress at all.

Tips for Playing Casino With Live Dealers

When you decide to play with a live casino dealer, there are some tips that can help you achieve success while also having fun on the casino live. Below are some tips to ensure your winnings when playing casino games with live dealers.

1) Develop a Strategy 

When playing an online casino game, it is important that you have the right strategy. This will ensure you win despite the house edge, especially in games like blackjack; remember that no one can see you when you play, unlike real casinos. So write out a strategy you would like to employ in your games and use it.

2) Remain Polite

There is no reason to act rude during a game; be as courteous and friendly as you can be. Try to maintain a professional profile as unruly behavior can cause you to get kicked out of the game.

3) Maintain a Clear Head

Don’t ever let your emotions override you in the middle of a game; these can cause you losses at the end of the day. Ensure you maintain a clear head throughout the game so that you don’t lose out on money, and you can still enjoy yourself.

4) Go for Your Favorite Game

Most casinos offer you several games to play, and the different choices can be confusing; some live online casinos also provide you with over 20 tables running every day. Pick the table you prefer and the variation that suits you better; you can even pick based on your preferred dealer.

5) Remember to Have Fun

You can’t win the game all the time, but you can choose to have fun no matter what. Even days when you’re down on winnings, play the game for the thrills instead of focusing on what you’re getting out of the game. If you focus on having fun, you’ll come off every game, still smiling.

Conclusion of Live Casino Canada

When online casinos were first introduced, it was viewed as a revolutionary period in the online gaming industry because of the convenience it offered. However, players still missed the thrill and adventure that came with playing games live in a brick and mortar casino. This is where the next phase of technological advancement came in, and live dealer games were introduced; players could now enjoy their games live in a live casino online.

This allows people to enjoy table games live through a live webcam; the games are being streamed live, and players are able to see the live dealer and also have the choice of chatting with the dealer and also other players on the platform. Live online casinos have many features, and the extensive list of live casino games is another reason why this new category is loved by many gambling fans.

The best online games are provided in this review, as well as the best live online casinos to enjoy your favorite games. Tips on how to play live dealer games and how to get started are also provided; playing these online games is easy. Once players register on their chosen platform and make a deposit into their account, they can choose their preferred live casino game and start playing.

Live Dealer Online Casino FAQ

Live online casinos can sometimes be confusing; below are some of the commonly asked questions about live online casino Canada in 2021, along with appropriate answers to them.

What is a live online casino? 

As the name implies, it is a casino that provides casino lovers with live games that are streamed right to them, and they place their wagers from the comfort of their homes. It is the perfect balance between a real casino and a brick and mortar casino, and it offers many more features.

Is it legal to play with live dealers in Canada? 

Yes, it is completely legal to play with live dealers in Canada. There are no laws preventing gamblers from playing live online dealer games and no penalties to face when they do. Players just need to be of the legal gambling age, which is eighteen years to play in casinos.

How to start play at live casino? 

Whatever game you’re choosing to play in a live casino is operated the same way a land-based casino operates. The only distinction is that you’re in your house, and the live dealer is broadcasted right to you through the internet; players can even interact with live dealers and other players like in a real casino.

Are there real dealers a live casino?

 Yes, professional real dealers are used on live online casinos. Some casinos run more than twenty live table games every day with different dealers in charge. Players can even choose to pick the game they want or the table they would prefer based on the dealer in charge of the game.

Do I need to download a casino to play with live casino? 

No, there is no requirement to download a casino before you can enjoy live games on online casinos. Most live online casinos have a mobile version that players can access without downloading software and enjoy their favorite live games through their device’s browser.

What games are available for playing with live dealer? 

There is a variety of games players can play with live dealers. However, the popular ones are blackjack, baccarat, Texas Hold Em, poker, and roulette. These games come in variations so players can choose whichever they enjoy more. Other less popular games include dream catcher, monopoly live, live Super Sic Bo, and lightning dice, amongst others.