Just like Video Online Slots and Live dealer games, Keno has also gained ground when it comes to new casino games making it to the mainstream. Since the time of its inception, Keno has been making steady progress as an online casino game. The odds, the jackpot win, playing rules, etc, all have contributed to making this lottery game a hot favorite of punters across the globe.

Caveman, Superball Keno, Spot Keno, Keno card, Camp Keno, etc, are some Keno games that are preferred by players all across the world. They have decent odds and the result at can be quite rewarding for you. The rules of playing are not very difficult to grasp as well.

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Ways to play online Keno games

Here, we have explained the way you can play the basic Keno game:

  1. You have to place a wager and indicate the numbers you choose to pick up. The numbers can be anything between 1 to 80.
  2. The game will make a choice of 20 balls out of the total number of 80.
  3. If the game has chosen a number that matches yours then it is a catch and you win money according to how many balls you catch.

Distinctions of the game

It is always an advantage to know about the distinctive varieties of Keno. Knowing more will let you make an informed choice when it comes to selecting one game. Here are the types:

  1. Super Keno

This type of Keno requires you to concentrate on the first ball. If that ball is similar to your one, then your winnings in that games will multiply by four times.

  1. Power Keno

The rules of this type of Keno are similar to the regular Keno but the concentration is on the 20th ball that has to match the one of the player. In that case, the winnings will multiply by 4 times.

  1. Combination Keno

This can be considered to be a tweaked version of Way Keno. Here, you have the option of arranging your number groups in ways that you would like. There are different combinations, and each of them are called combination tickets.

  1. Online Keno

This is the basic type of simple Keno game that you can operate through your phone or PC from wherever you want. You just need to join a casino club, check in, and start playing your choice of Keno.

  1. Way Keno

In this type, you can choose different clusters of numbers and it can be thought of as a game that gives you multiple chances of winning.

  1. Video Keno

A Video Keno game might get you confused for looking a lot similar to Slots games but the way of playing and the results differ widely. Video Keno, for instance, unlike Slots can be played only in the solo mode.

Winning tips at keno online

When you play online, you do not want to lag behind the other players and lose the game by a thin line. Hence, we have come up with some strategies that will increase your chances of winning at Keno. Here you go:

  • Know the exact rules before you start playing a particular type of casino
  • There are multi-race cards of Keno. Learn how to use them frequently
  • Go for lesser numbers in one go
  • Use your casino bonuses with a Keno game so that you have a higher bankroll at your disposal
  • Maintain your composure and don’t just go with the flow
  • Choose other numbers than just your lucky numbers

Keno FAQ:

What are the best Canadian Keno Sites to play for real money?

Choosing the best Canadian Keno Sites requires some skill when you will be faced with a plethora of online sites that promise you top class experience. It might get difficult to choose one, so, concentrate on the selection of games offered, the bonuses, RTPs, etc. In any case, here are some of the top casinos that are there is Ontario and are also played in a state like Oregon:

Can one play online keno games free of cost?

A lot of casinos make their games available free of cost to get more customers. But, you should remember that these games will not let you win real money. Only when you have completed the deposit process at the casino, can you win cash in the form of payouts.

Do Keno online casinos allow you to play without a download?

There are online casinos these days, that allow you to play games even when you have not downloaded their app. Keno will be available with many other games on their flash variety that can be played on the browser.

What are the winning chances at Keno?

Your chances at winning depend upon the numbers you have chosen during the course of the game and the quantity of hit numbers. This gets multiplied by your wager amount that you placed in the form of ante bet. The odds work in the way that if a player chooses more numbers, they will get more chances of a hit and the payout will increase subsequently. But payouts too, differ from one casino to the other and affects your chances at daily winning, so, you should check payout tables.

Should I develop my own strategy to play at Keno online casinos?

You might just feel that Keno totally works on luck but lottery does not mean there can be no strategy. It is always advisable to have your own devised strategy because the winning possibilities are many. So, have your own secret techniques to make it big at the lotto results.