If you seek to take your first step into the world or online gaming or if you are a regular gamer curious of Craps then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will cover all the basics as well as the important information as to how to play craps online. So read our reviews to know more about online craps betting.

Canadian Online Casino Craps For 2021

If you wish to try out a dice game at an Canadian online casino then craps are the best types available to you. Nothing can obviously beat the feeling of rolling a dice surrounded by the cheers of onlookers at a real casino. But online craps betting is as close as it gets to experiencing that high from the confines of your home without having to take to the street outside in search of a physical casino.

There are many top rated casinos operating in across the continent from Canada to New Jersey that allow their customers to play craps online. Some of the best free craps game that you should try out are available at casinos such as SpinPalace Casino, JackpotCity Casino, Ruby Fortune Casino, Bodog Casino, South Park video slots and betway casino.

Before you start playing with real money, you should first learn playing the game properly through repeated practice. This is made possible for you by using the tutorial, simulator or free craps game available online. These games will act as a trainer so that soon you can start winning real money

Recommended casinos

How to Play

In an online craps game a player gets to roll the dice twice while betting on the outcome. The bet is usually dubbed as the pass the line which comprises of you betting on consequent dice rolls. On addition of the two numbers rolled if it comes to 7 or a sum of 11, then it gets you an even sum of money. On the other hand, if your dice rolls lend you the numbers 2 or 3or a sum of 12 then the bet will be counted as the loss. Numbers other than the ones mentioned will be counted as a point.

Types of Bets

There two main types of bets in a game of online craps. These are called the “pass line bet” and the “don’t pass bet”. While the former has been discussed in the previous section, the later is easy enough to understand. If your dice rolls turns up the numbers 2 or 3 then your bet wins, but if it turns up a 7 or 11 then it is counted as a loss. On the other hand, 12 will be considered a push, which will return you the sum you bet while any other number will be counted as a point.

If you hit on a 7 before winning a point then you win real money. But if you roll up a point before getting a seven then you lose money. This is the exact opposite of what happens in “pass line bet”, where getting a 7 before winning a point will have you losing the bet and winning a point before landing on a 7 will win you the bet. Other types of bets include come, don’t come, and the fire bet.

Tips on Winning Real Money at Online Craps

In order to win real money at online craps, beginners should adopt the strategy of starting with a “pass line bet” which is easier to get the hang of. The house edge is usually at its smallest in the case of such bets along with other types like the come and don’t come bet. An easy way to win the table is by opting for single bets on each dice shoot. Keep a calculator handy to ensure you can track your wins.

Choosing a Craps Site

Choosing a craps site is easy as a walk in the park. Take a look at the best casino sites mentioned earlier that offer craps games and select one of them that you want to try out. Alternatively, you can also decide to try out all of them one after the other.

You can sign up in any number of these sites to get a taste of their live gambling options. Take a look at reputable sites, reviews or even articles on ESPN to ensure that the online casino you have settled upon is a good one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Craps:

– What are the top rated craps online?

All you have to do to avail all the fun of playing free online craps no download is sign up at one of the casinos listed above. If you are not sure about the free online slots Canada then you can avail the services of the various sites without any software or flash player download. They will allow you to play for free for more time before you make up your mind about whether you wish to continue with real money.

– How do I know the odds?

The odds will depend on the type of bet you choose to opt for. A don’t pass or don’t come bet has odds of 50% for both sides, i.e. there’s an equal chance of you winning or losing. But a combination of pass the line and come bet will have slightly worse odds against the player winning.

– Can online craps games be rigged?

Online craps on your iPad or other mobile devices cannot be rigged as the numbers the rolled up by your dice throws are simulated by a random number generator. The fines for running fraudulent online casinos are too high for one to thrive due to the system of regular inspections carried out by regulators. Furthermore, their business won’t sell if they offer rigged online casino games that players don’t ever win.

– Can I play multiplayer games?

Free online craps no download offer both multiplayer as well as single player experiences. You may opt for the experience of having the entire table to yourself so that you get to shoot and consider bets while taking your time. Or you can opt for the live dealer groups comprising of several players with a dealer who will broadcast the episode to each player.