Blackjack is one of the exciting games available on online casinos across Canada. It has a fascinating history that is shrouded in mystery since nobody can specifically put a date or place to the origin of this awesome online casino game.

Although there is a school of thought that believes that this game originated some centuries ago in Ancient Rom, another school of thought claims that it originated in Spain where it was originally known as Trente-un, the English equivalent of Thirty-One.

There is also another gambling game known within the French gaming community as Vingt-et-Un, or Twenty-One. Some are also of the opinion that Twenty-One is the harbinger of the modern day Blackjack.

Although its origin remains a mystery, there is no doubt that Blackjack game is loved by all online gamblers due to its presence in casinos worldwide, Canada inclusive.

Blackjack was banned in France in the 19th century. This led to the spread of this game to America where it eventually grew in popularity over time. From America, it spread to other parts of Europe before it became an internationally-recognized casino game.

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Some impressive Blackjack features include:

  • It has 8 decks.
  • It has both manual and auto shuffle/deal feature.
  • There are split aces and pairs.

How to Play

Blackjack can be played by both newbie and professional gamblers who are conversant with the how it is played. This is due to the relative ease at which the game can be learned.

In order to play this game like a pro, even if you are not one, understand the following basic principles and rules:

  1. Place a bet to initiate this game.
  2. Both the dealer and the players will take two cards each; in alternative face positions, up and down.
  3. Understand the card values. In this game, the face values of all cards are counted. Ace cards are assigned the value of 1 or 11.Picture cards are assigned 10.
  4. Players must determine the right Blackjack strategy for success. This includes surrender, stand, double down, hit, or split.
  5. The dealer will act last. He or she must stand on 17 to 21 and hit on 16 some values below that.
  6. There are two conditions for a win for the players:
    1. The total in the dealer’s hand is less than the hand totals of the players.
    2. When the dealer has more than 21 or bust and the players have 21.

If you understand these rules, you won’t find them online free slots challenging but easy to play and fun.

Main Types of Blackjack Games

Blackjack comes in different types. The commonest types of this popular game are:

  • Classic: This is the best know Blackjack game version. This type can be played with 1 or 8 decks, depending on your preference.
  • Progressive: The progressive type allows a player to win the jackpot. In order to win the jackpot, an additional bet of $1 must be placed.
  • European: This type is a bit different from the other types, especially in relation to dealing the card. You can play this version with 2 decks and the two cards dealt the player will face up while the Dealer will have one card facing up and the other one facing down.

You can play any of these games and a host of others not mentioned in this article for free or with real money at different casinos.

Top Blackjack Producers

The popularity of this game is responsible for its high demand from online gamblers. In order to meet up with the increasing number of players, several software companies produce this game and tons of others.

The following companies top the list of software companies that produce Blackjack online games:

  • Amaya: This Company has built a reputation for itself as a leading software provider for casinos. The company currently offers 8 different variations of this game to its clients.
  • Cryptologic: This Canada-based software company offers 7 variations of the Blackjack game. The best variation from its stable is the single deck game that offers 0.21%.
  • Microgaming: The first software company to power a casino, Microgaming is a credible Blackjack producer and is known for its single deck blackjack with a variation of 0.31%.
  • Net Entertainment: Most often referred to as NetEnt, this is another veteran casino game software developer and the brain behind Pontoon, another Blackjack variation.

These companies are behind the increasing popularity of different Blackjack games among online gamers across the globe and especially in Canada.

Favourite Blackjack Games by Local Gamblers

The Canadian community has a thing for Blackjack games. Their favorite, however, is the live dealer Blackjack. The preference for this version stems from the attributes of the version.

They find it to be very relaxing, satisfying, and offer a lot of fun. Since this variant is common in all online gaming sites in the country, they don’t have a hard time playing their favorite games at their convenience.

Where to Play Blackjack For Real Money

If you are desirous of playing this game for real money, you have tons of options to choose from. A couple of Canadian casinos offer this game and several others to their millions of players who are interested in playing with real money. Three of these casinos are:

  1. Jackpot City: The leading online gaming site in the world, Jackpot City offers Canadian gambling an opportunity to wager with money on their site.
  2. Grand Mondial casino Quebec: Another credible option, this gaming platform ranks among the best in the country. It is not surprising that it offers blackjack for real money to its players
  3. 888Casino: Another credible online Casino in Canada, 888 Casino ranks among the best in the country and is another gaming site where real money can be wagered.

Blackjack is available across the top Canadian gaming platforms. You can have access to live Blackjack Canada games in any gaming site of your choice apart from the ones listed above.