Cascades Casino Delta: the First 100% Cashless Casino in Canada


Gateway’s Cascades Casino Delta has all the chances to become the very first 100% cashless online casino in Canada. It is quite possible that it will be the first cashless gambling platform in the world. The start of a new project is scheduled in October – November 2020. To provide the development of the new cash-free approach, the operator postponed the launch-date.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, one of the top-rated operators, has declared that it is 100% committed to successfully eradicating money laundering from the local casino industry in British Columbia. Even if that means losing out on immediate business, the gambling company has again proved its commitment towards the region.

According to the operator’s official announcement, construction will begin in the nearest future. The development is expected to reach well into the CA$70 million. Later, they will provide responsible, and premium games offering that will be unrivaled throughout the country.

Anxiety Ran High Again

When Gateway first announced its plans for Lander-based casino development, concerns about another money-laundering threat have been spreading out. And the reason is the development site’s proximity to Richmond. As we know, Richmond has been exactly at the center of the money-laundering spectacle that has always been plaguing British Columbia.

According to the estimates of the year 2018, about CA$2 million in dirty money has passed through the land-based casinos in British Columbia. The problem with the real estate sales and luxury vehicle market, which are proven to have been a big part of the gambling field, is even bigger than this. Money laundering is a crime, and the collected funds of “washed” cash are often used to resource all types of criminal activities, including drugs, terrorism, and human trafficking.

Delta Mayor Strikes for Justice

Much of what has been happening in terms of creating a focused awareness about the scope of the problem in British Columbia has been due to the tireless efforts of George Harvie, Delta Mayor. He has been a passionate activist in the battle against financial crimes ever since he was first called a possible candidate for this position.

In February, George Harvie stepped it up a notch higher when he started a special campaign in Ottawa, targeted at stimulating awareness about the problem in the Delta region, as well as in the whole British Columbia. By doing so, and due to having sent a special delegation to Ottawa to discuss Delta’s anxiety about Richmond, Delta Mayor has managed to reestablish control of his house and has helped pave the way for a successful Cascades Casino enterprise.